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2020 Pom Pups Available
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1 year old 'Chocolate Girl'
3 lbs to pet home only
Fayrwyne Poms Available pups 2019




Please contact me if you would like pictures emailed, advice in regards to the breed, or important information regarding new puppy parenting. But before you waste your time as well as mine, PLEASE do the following:

1. Discuss with all involved family members what the effects or changes that will occur with a new puppy.
2. Discuss whether you have the the finances for a puppy.
3. Discuss any events such as moving or traveling that may be occurring right after you bring your new puppy home.

If you have discussed these issues and are ready to commit to the responsibilities of a new puppy, I would be glad to help you!

You’ve been counting the days until you can pick up your new puppy or dog. Below is a check list of items you may need to properly train and care for your pet. You will also need to proof your home.

Puppy Check List

Dog License
Check your area for animal license. Attach the license to a buckle collar.

Feeding Dishes
One for food and one for water

Collars and Leashes
Six-foot leash and an adjustable training collar to your dog’s size.  NEVER leave a choke-chain collar on an unsupervised dog of any age. Chain collars can get caught and choke your dog.

Play Toys & Chewies
Ask your breeder what they recommend for nutrition and what they eat.


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2019 Christmas Pomeranian Pups


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